When I was eleven years old I got into a bad accident. My body got sucked under the wheels of a tractor trailer, and I was dragged. I was taken to MUSC for about three weeks and took on three surgeries. I almost lost my life as just a young child. Yet, with this terrible event came so many blessings. I now understand the extremely fragile traits of life. This life is not a promise and everyday should be appreciated to its fullest. About six years later Coleman Sawyer, our violinist, was in a similar accident where he fell off a boat that ran him over multiple times. He almost lost his life as well. Except, right when the boat was about to run him over a few more times, a man of the name Fritz Von Kolnitz came and scooped Coleman up before he was hit again by the propellers of the boat. Without Fritz Von Kolnitz or my heroes heroic hands, Coleman and I may have not lived.This song is about appreciating life, and the heroes that dedicate their lives to making the common man's life safe and precious. In the end though, we must all remember that each one of us is a hero whether we know it or not. Just follow your heart, be grateful to simply live, and do the right things, and your inner hero will arise.

Its a chemical reaction
Based upon the feeling of actions
Take my hand
take my hand
take my hand to turn a man into a hero

Most run from the red but little do they know they can stop a child from being

Dead dried up legs laying in the hospital bed Mother saying softly often oxycotin the lord prayers while she rubs his head

Take me in and take my hand from the sea to the ship to the shores of of sand
below are the sharks swimming in the dark turning my ass from boy to man

No hows a man who I don’t know quickly become my hero must men run at the sight of the sun but the feeling is reeling in the chosen ones

Oh fuck the wheel is stuck the swirling circles they shave my luck gonna take my head if i do not duck and chuck my butt in the back of my truck

22 minus 4 shake break to my core the propeller pulls like the undertoes the only thing in life I never I’d know

Its a chemical reaction
Based upon the feeling of actions of when you meet your...

When you you meet you hero

Why can’t everybody accept
that everybody will see death
don’t be scared
don’t be afraid
just appreciate every breath

you think that you are safe and sound
till a twister comes and sucks up your whole damn town
and when everything is gone that you know
you’re gonna need a

Have you ever known a hero?