This week's Rough Mix Monday is a live acoustic recording of "Purple People." This live track was recorded at The Jam Room Recording Studio in Columbia, SC during an on air interview with 92.1 The Palm this past weekend. Purple People is a song of truth and equality, that brings light to the shadows of distraction that cripple modern society. There is nothing more honest than a live acoustic recording, so enjoy and please comment and share below!


Violet Violence Violins Decrescendo
TheSilence of the Sirens Saying Secrets in my Window

The wind knows waves, are simply just the slaves
Of the echos of their power pushing forgotten graves

Grave digger grave digger ruby red find
sell the broken bones and gems and buy yourself a mind

Think well, oh well; maybe its too late
I’ll trade the gems for my guilt and make a cleaner slate

Red, yellow, black, or white union in the steeple
But don’t you dare forget about the purple people

Purple people pray that Pipers pay the Prince’s papers
Now the Moon is murdered making the Sun another faker
(Chorus )
The Purple People they will rise Clash the colors and start a riot we can’t see we can’t see the purple people are just you and me

He’s a mad man sad man very very bad man
the clashing colors make a river of blood

Place the bones back in the grave and chase our fears into the cave - cave cave cave man, crack the whip a slave man

Roses red violets blue that makes purple when you mix the two
So what is mine and yours and yours is mine so smoke my pipe and drink my wine
drink my wine until you’re drunk until you’re feet swing past that trunk
Strange fruit Strange Fruit Ripe Ready Strange Fruit

You can can keep a doggy locked up in a their cage but if that door swings open say hello to his rage
They think they’re in their caves crawling while they’re crying
but the purple man has a plan and is rising up a riot

Riot riot ha ha ha ha - Riot riot ha ha ha ha

Riot riot shh hush be quiet - the purple man made his plan releasing a riot