Rough Mix Monday #12 - Little Seahorse

Rough Mix Monday #12 - Little Seahorse

 This week’s RMM is a live recording of a new song we wrote titled ‘Little Seahorse.’ This song is about overcoming your fear to realize the great power that we all individually harness. Please leave a comment and let us know what you think and share it! Much love to you and Happy Thanksgiving to the Purple People!

Rough Mix Monday #10 – Zingara

This week’s Rough Mix Monday comes from our lead guitarist Wyatt Garey.

Zingara is the Italian word for gypsy. Gypsies are nomadic, free-spirited people that are a bit of a mystery. They have a bad reputation because their society is so different from ours. Unfortunately, we live in a world full of stereotypes and every culture has some sort of “stamp” put on it by the small majority who, rightly or wrongly, gets all the publicity.

Rough Mix Monday #9 – All Your Prayers

As of last night, we are taking Rough Mix Monday to the next level. Our sound engineer Joey Cox just finished building his home studio, and last night we put it to the test. After some planning and inspiration, we decided that once every two weeks we will meet at Joey's studio and write and record a song on the spot! Last night we gave it a swing. Will and I met up with two guitars, sat down, and in 30 minutes wrote the brand spankin new track titled "All Your Prayers."