This week’s Rough Mix Monday comes from our lead guitarist Wyatt Garey.

Zingara is the Italian word for gypsy. Gypsies are nomadic, free-spirited people that are a bit of a mystery. They have a bad reputation because their society is so different from ours. Unfortunately, we live in a world full of stereotypes and every culture has some sort of “stamp” put on it by the small majority who, rightly or wrongly, gets all the publicity. Gypsies are known to be thieves, travelers, and fortune tellers who live by their own rules. This is a song that I wrote attempting to capture the feeling of being charmed by a beautiful Zingara. I wanted to paint a picture of this dark haired seductress that steals your heart through her song and won’t let you go, whether you want her to, or not. Even though she is a gypsy, and has a bad reputation for spinning uncontrollably, she has the ability to take you down into the center of her storm, where everything appears to be nice and calm, at least for the moment. Because all life is is a bunch of moments put together, and no matter how hard we try to seize the moment, sometimes it’s the moment that seizes us. This is simply a love song. – Wyatt Garey

Written and Performed by: Wyatt Garey 

Gypsy sings her song for you
Has you in her hand
The way she sways your mind
Is something you don’t understand
Has you in a minute
Had you from the start
Meets you at the core
At the center of your heart

Music lady sings her song
Lays you at her feet
The way it comes over you
Is all inside the beat
Know there’s something you want
Something you don’t know
Gypsy keeps on singing
Her song won’t let you go

The night is dark and easy
It holds you safe and warm
The way she takes you down
Is like the center of a storm
It’s quiet and it’s calming
You know somewhere it sleeps
The outside world is spinning
The spirit runs deep