When I was 13 years old my father bought me my first guitar. After a few months, without even really knowing how to play a proper chord, I called up my buddy Louis and asked if he wanted to start a band. Louis being the ‘go with the flow bonified gangsta’ that he is, he agreed. Every Saturday we would grab lunch and attempt to play something that would not upset my mom or dad’s ears as they rested downstairs in the living room. Ideas for new lyrics and music would run through my head all day, and very soon all I could do was write music.

For the next six years we practiced every single week, twice a week, yet never even played a real show for some reason (except friend’s house parties which were still to this day some of our favorites.) But looking back on it, that was the way it was suppose to be. Because in those six years we found an exceptional drummer, a vibrantly talented violinist and bassist, a protege guitar player, and a guy with what I can confidently say is my favorite voice to listen sing in the whole wide world. Simply, we were not ready yet. But, in those years I found five best friends that have have dedicated their lives to help create a sound and passion that we can all share to the world, and to try our very best to connect our listeners to what we believe in. We became ready. No matter where life takes me, they will be remembered as the guys I spent some of the most cherished and important moments of my life with.

Last night was magic. I woke up this morning thinking of that day I wrote my first song ‘Ruby Clyde’ and asked Louis to start this journey with me. I thought about how never in 654,543.43 years did we think that we would of experienced what we experienced last night, on that day. Last night was not a night of walking into a building packed with screaming fans in excitement to hear our music. It was more than that. It was a building filled with memorial moments and cherished people, the road less traveled that we have chosen, and the way it all has come together. Last night was a moving portrait of beauty that spoke in exuberant energy. The most beautiful thing was, that not only could you feel the energy of every single soul in the audience, but you could feel the energy of the people that couldn’t make it but wanted to. You could feel the energy of the people that don’t know who we are, but one day will. You could feel the energy of the people that could’t make it because they did’t want to come and never will want to. And you could feel the energy of all the people who are in a better place and were watching the show from above. It was all there, and you could feel it. We did not share songs last night, and the audience did not share a ‘sing along.’ A celebration was shared of all that is good, and all that is beautiful in everyone and everybody.


You hear in movies and children books that if you put your mind to something and follow your heart that a dream can come true, and that is why last night will never be forgotten for us. It wasn’t a grammy, and it was no Madison Square Gardens show, but it was still a dream. And it was our dream, and because of you it became true.


Endless “thank you’s” and love, and may the celebration only be beginning!