Fear is something that constricts life. It takes away the joy of living, the freedom of smiling, and the warmth of safety. Yet, fear is nothing but our own negative thoughts creating illusions of darkness. Fear is a haunting and tyrant beast, but only if you believe in the beast. Monsters under our bed scared us as a child. The fear was real to a point that the monsters were as real as the covers we hid under. As we grew older though, we realized that indeed they were just make believe shadows of fear. This song is about the recognizing of your own fears, and the overcoming of them by the simultaneous recognition that they are not real. Think well, act well, and you can live happily. Please comment and let us know your thoughts.

Recording history: This song was recorded live on air and was completely improvised on spot.


The T.V’s makes me queasy makes me shake until you squeeze me shakey knees so start releasing DNA your proudly screaming believing alcoholic antidote wont me a spinless preemy
double team me like a threesome porno pinch me please i think i’m dreaming

Wait I know I’m dreaming but please don’t make me wake take my covers and I will shake take my brothers I will break like a mermaid lost inside a man made made lake

Stars and stripes make freedom flags like blacks and jews and freaks and fags you wrap them up inside a bag filled with sticks and stones and repeated pasts

If you live with both your eyes closed you will never see the Beast
Instead you will think of what it looks like as it makes your mind a feast

The power of the beast is not his teeth or pointy claws
the power of the beast it that it does not exist at all