The world is changing. We can feel it. It is coming.

I can swear to God of all and one that we see the rising Sun. It’s the way that this earth is run, it is the way we listen to leaders; it is the way we function as a whole. The system of today is dying out, and it is time. People everyday are burdened and brought down with negativities and bad thoughts. Just like an infectious sickness; people are constantly rubbing off fears and anxieties to one another with constant contagiousness. We believe that if we work hard we can make a lot of money, buy a nice house,  get a beautiful lover, and make beautiful children, then we will be able to be happy. We sacrifice our daily well being and mindset to work hard, in the hopes that one day soon we will have everything it takes to feel safe and secure. Then we will be able to be happy. Like a concrete jungle, people rise early to their daily commute to sit eight hours in a black swivel chair, confined in a plastic cubicle, to grow the profits of their “purpose in life”.... their bosses company. Their boss, who they have barely ever seen, much less met, much less know, much less like. Can’t you see the obvious problem in this system? Yep.

Yet, this is the life of the majority of people. They don’t like their lives, and these lives serve no purpose other than to sustain metabolized survival, and breeding offspring. Is that still our human purpose…. to eat, sleep, and mate?

Absolutely not.

So why are so many people living these knowingly meaningless lives, filled with fear, anxiety, frustration, and lack of confidence?

It is simple.

Negativity and fear placed in our minds and culture. Little do many people know, but EVERYTHING we buy, everything we eat, everything we drive, everything we try, everything we think….EVERYTHING…. is controlled by a small group of individuals at the top of the human food chain. Corporations, Governments, and individuals have a lasso tied around our sense of safety, and some how make us believe that without their products, without their organization, without their system...without their POWER; that we will not be happy. This propaganda is steering our desires and thoughts at all times of the day. They are trying to control the world, and they are doing a fantastic job at it.

Have you ever wondered why you are constantly wanting to buy new things? Is it because you old stuff is broken? Or, for some reason has it just magically stopped making you happy? Just like an old shirt that you were super excited to buy, but six months later you magically want another one. Yet, you go buy a new one, and six months later you are wanting an even other new shirt, and now the first shirt is buried in your closet. Are these shirts broken, or for some reason do you just have the hunger to spend money to make you seemingly become more happy? Yep. Does it work. Nope.

So why do we keep falling for this trap?

There is a system controlling us that places negativity on each other, and creates a social and economic competition with each other and ourselves. Yet, this competition is dying, and the lasso tied around our thoughts is slipping. The most beautiful part of this change occurring, is that all you have to do get out of this lasso bringing you down is to simply NOTICE IT!

These leaders try to make us believe that there is a “normal” way to be. This could be the biggest lie of them all. The times are changing and if you wanna be free all you have to do is know that you are different than every person on this entire earth because you, and only you knows your life. Yet, at the same time, you need to understand that you are no better than anyone else. We are all individual and unique, yet we all matter equally. Stop letting the system tell you differently. Live the life you wanna live, be the person you wanna be, do what you wanna do, think what you wanna think, and most importantly let all others do the same.

The sun is rising, and a new age is coming. True freedom  exists, and its birth grows closer with each day. Join the movement and notice the boundaries you place on yourself and the others around you. Tear these boundaries down, and liberate yourself and each person around you with truth and love. Be the best you that you can be, and even more than that... just be you.

Humans are pack animals that depend on the help and love of those around us. Stand up for something higher than you, and stand up for those around you who are too weak to stand. Show the world your love, and do not shelter your fears. Let them free, and watch yourself become liberated in light and power.

The answer to life is easy. The answer is you. Now you just have to believe it.


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