The Big News is here,

SLO is about to put out our second album 🎉

The past two years have been an incredible ride that has taught us many lessons. We were just teenagers when we started playing as a band and didn't know much, other than the fact that we felt something special. We held our breath and took the big step to go play our first show, and put out some demo music that we titled "The Zoo." The response was unexpected, and before we knew it we were selling out our hometown shows at the Music Farm and packing up to go play festivals like Bonnaroo. We felt a city that we called home become more than a place to us; Charleston became a family. A family of supporters, and a family of listeners. It was magical time that will never be forgotten.

Unfortunately, in the past two years we ended up dealing with all of the various things that the business side of music brings with it, and pretty soon this art of creating music became a race to become successful. So many industry distractions came along that told us how big we could be, and how much money we can make, and to be honest we became a little jaded. Pretty soon our minds were more focused on "making it" than focusing on what we were originally doing, which was making music!

We have promised new music, videos, and other material and many fans have kept asking, "where is it?!” We released two experimental singles to buy some time, and have gone in and out the studio numerous amounts of times to record our promised album... yet nothing ever came out that filled our hearts and fired our souls. Frustration grew, and mistakes came as time was being wasted.

We were just kids when we started this adventure with no knowledge of the giant machine of the music industry. Yet, we have learned from our mistakes, kept our heads up, and have grown from the mistakes for the better thanks to the support of of fans, friends, and family.

So with that said here is The Big News!

We have written 20+ songs and are heading to the studio this weekend to officially record our second album! Finally! The songs have been an inspiring team effort that have been woven from the heart. The songs are simple stories told from the soul, and can feel the magic again. It is a beautiful thing. The album is a piece of unified vision and southern storytelling that has brought us back to our roots.

The storms have passed and our ship is put back together. The heavy rains and thick wind that changed our course of action have simmered, and the clear blue skies have given way to our final destination once again. It is a special time once more...

We want to apologize for the delays and unkept promises of new music, while thanking you from the bottom of our hearts for sticking with us, buying our music, coming to our shows, and sharing kind words and love. At the same time we can confidentially say that the wait is well worth it! Another true lesson that everything happens for a reason. Life is a giant mystery and no matter how hard you plan, the outcome will always be a surprise and will always be for the best.

Thank you Purple People! Off to Toogoodoo to record our second album.